"Section 56" is founded as a medical marijuana resource center. We are assisting many individuals and organizations in the establishment of marijuana as a medicine for specific ailments such as epilepsy, HIV, AIDS, Cancer, MS, Glaucoma, Intractable Pain, Anxiety or other condition which may be alleviated by cannabis.

We provide assistance with medical exemption forms and information on a variety of subjects related to medical cannabis. Our goal is to assemble and maintain a research base on the existing literature and valid research that has been done to date. We will advocate for the legalization of cannabis and provide accurate information to the public, patients, caregivers and medical practitioners.

Section 56 is dedicated to providing access to medical grade cannabis products for patients in Ontario. Our goal is to source high quality seeds, clones and finished cannabis consumption. Our line also includes edible products such as cookies, muffins and bread.

The current "Section 56 exemptions" by the government and the entire exemption process iteself have been declared to be unjust and unconstitutional by the Ontario Court of Appeals on July 31,2000. To date, the government has not acted in the best interests of patients nor the Parliament amended or changed the law as ordered by the court. We will also be monitoring the progress made by the government and the legal status achieved through the courts. Our position is that cannabis possession has been declared legal and that the judiciary must act accordingly. We plan on advocating the patients rights with legal assistance in the future.

Until such time that legal cannabis is available to all CLASSES of patients, we will continue to provide high quality cannabis, lower prices and all the assitance and help that we can give.

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